Our Donors

Your Donations Count!

The Don Bosco Centers has made every effort to make this list as accurate as possible. If there is an error or omission, please accept our sincerest apology and notify us. While every gift is appreciated, this list highlights cash donations over $1,000 during Don Bosco’s fiscal year 7/1/09-6/30/2010.


Every Dollar Helps our ESL Program

$100 pays the GED exam fee for a student!
$100 provides citizenship materials for a student!
$100 provides materials and resources for a refugee to attend class for the school year!
$250 enables a teacher to attend the “Technology in the Classroom” conference!
$250 provides spiral notebooks for 250 students!
$500 pays for one student to take the US Naturalization exam!
$750 provides a laptop for the computer lab!
$1,000 provides a complete set of books for a classroom!
$3,000 provides a year of internet service!

How You Can Help the Senior Center

$50 provides 12 seniors transportation  to the grocery/discount store (two trips)!
$100 provides 25 seniors with a meal for a whole day!
$200 provides 18 seniors with a month of Zumba Classes at the Senior Center!
$250 provides a craft class with materials each month for a whole year!
$500 provides 125 home-bound/disabled individuals with delivered meals for a whole day! 
$1,000 provides 25 seniors with emergency assistance, food and personal hygiene supplies!
$3,000 provides a whole year of internet service!


Every Dollar Counts!