FAQ Page

Here are our more frequently asked questions!

Do I need to be documented to attend English as a Second Language?

No. We just need a way to contact you so we can keep you updated on class schedules.

I wish to become a citizen. How can I become a citizen?

We offer citizenship classes to help prepare you for the citizenship test.

What is the tuition to attend the Don Bosco ESL School?

All of our classes are free.

I do not speak any English. Do you provide interpreters at your ESL School?

All of our classes are taught in English. We do have bi-lingual volunteers and other students who are available to assist as needed.

I am age 61. Can I come to the Senior Center?

Yes. Our clients are age 60 and over, or age 18 and over if disabled.

Are you a nursing home?

No. The Don Bosco Senior Center is a community center for seniors and disabled adults to come Monday-Friday for a hot nutritious meal and activities.

What does it cost to come to the Senior Center?

The majority of our clients are low-income and our services are provided to them for free.

Do you charge for meals?

For our guests who are not low-income eligible, we ask for a $4 donation.

Do you provide transportation?

If you live within our service area, we provide free transportation to and from the Senior Center.

My children also need to learn English. Can they attend the Don Bosco ESL School?

Our ESL classes are for adults aged 18 and over. ESL for children is offered in elementary – high school.

How do I receive services through your Senior Center?

Come to the Senior Center at 580 Campbell and meet with one of our staff who will assess your needs and sign you up for services.